How to choose the right women smartwatch? Our top 3 picks

How to choose the right women smartwatch? Our top 3 picks

How to choose the right women smartwatch fitness tracker for 2021?

What if there was a watch that could get you into the best shape of your life, make you on time for every meeting, and ensure eight hours of blissful sleep? That's exactly what Smartwatches were built for. The newest generation of smartwatches can do all these things while adding a touch of style to your everyday outfit. With brands like Apple and Samsung in on the action, smartwatches allies brains and beauty like never before, including elegant profiles, gorgeous designs, and bold colour palettes.

So, are smartwatches only fitness trackers and wearables? We tested dozens of models on factors like features, fit, ease of use, and accuracy, comparing pro experiences with real customer reviews. 

Those were the questions you got asked the most:

-Can I wear this smartwatch in the pool?
-What happens if I drop it on the bathroom floor? 
-And most important of all: Are smartwatches really worth the money?  

On the purchasing journey, our top picks will support you. The winners are focused on our thorough categorical research, new models of road testing, and updates to past favorites reviewed.

Let's have a look at our best picks:

1. Watch Series 6 by Apple

The smartwatch was not invented by Apple, but it's done a lot to enhance it, offering the same clean design and intuitive controls you know from its smartphones and computers. With an array of health features, including an oximeter to calculate blood oxygen levels, sleep monitoring, and an FDA-certified heart rate monitor to head off cardiac problems, the Series 6 moves to the next level. Plus, the brightest-ever, always-on retina monitor means that a beat will never be missed. 

2. Watchy by The Global Bird

With most smartwatches costing around $200, the Watchy clearly leaves their competitors behind. Allies all the features of their competitors (fitness tracker, calories burned, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitor...) with a price that's 70% lower than every other brand out there. Fully compatible with every device. Wether you're using an iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, or any other device, connect effortlessly to the Watchy™. 100% Waterproof, IP67 waterproof materials (do not place under hot water above 45°C)

3. Metropolitan by Timex

In the smartwatch race, Timex took a little bit of a lick, lagging behind the category leaders. The iconic brand offers loyalists the choice of a recognisable watch face with solid intelligence at a very competitive price with its Timex Metropolitan. Our experts like the show of high-res, always-on, 24/7 fitness tracker, and precise GPS, good for tracking miles on the run. For an extremely lightweight build, the 36mm case width and 20mm silicone strap combine.

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