Premium Fishing Reel (GK1000-7000 5.2:1) - Metal Spool Body Rocker 18LBs Max Drag

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Ready To Catch Some Big Fish?

Because we value our customers, for every Premium Fishing Reel sold, we're offering you two FREE gifts!

1. FREE Led Automatic Fish Biting Recogniser

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What You Get from The Global Bird

1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty and 30 days return policy for a 100% refund.

Try it or regret it. 

Light Weight, Strong Body

All metal main body, using magnesium which is 34% lighter and 1.5 times stronger than aluminium, pushing lightweight to next level. The machined aluminium spool prevents your line from slipping and houses a carbon fibre drag system that delivers consistent pressure. Weight is further reduced with an ergonomic EVA handle knob. An awesome gift for anybody who loves fishing.

Ultra-Smooth & Fast

Fishing reels shielded 9 corrosion resistant stainless steel bearings and one instant stop one-way anti-reverse bearing is super low torque imported from Germany. Blazing fast 5.2:1 Gear Ratio, giving it ultra-smooth and fast performance.

Powerful & Reliable

This powerful spinning reel offers an incredible stopping power up to 18LBs to handle the big fish you are after. With innovative wave spring drag system, you can precisely adjust your drag power to suit your need. Using aluminium OS gear, pinion gear and main shaft to make the reel both strong and durable. The fish fighting power it gives can handle any fishing scenario.

Great Value

This GK spinning reel offers the angler high-performance premium fishing tackle at an unbeatable price. We manufacturer high-quality, feature-packed match fishing reels. Cadence products have been designed by anglers who are out on the bank, fishing day in, day out.


  • Line Capacity(mm-m)GK1000: 0.15/180 , 0.18/140 , 0.20/120
  • Line Capacity(mm-m)GK2000: 0.18/240 , 0.20/200 , 0.25/140
  • Line Capacity(mm-m)GK3000: 0.20/240 , 0.25/200 , 0.30/140
  • Line Capacity(mm-m) GK4000: 0.30/200 , 0.35/160, 0.40/120
  • Line Capacity(mm-m) GK5000: 0.40/155 , 0.45/125 , 0.50/100
  • Line Capacity(mm-m)GK6000: 0.45/180 , 0.50/145 , 0.50/100
  • Line Capacity(mm-m)GK7000: 0.50/165 , 0.60/120 , 0.65/100

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