LED CABINET LIGHT 10 PCS - Universal Wardrobe Light Sensor

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 Easy to install

 Up to 50000 hours of light

 Automatically turns on when you open the door

 Free shipping

Perfect for cabinets, closets and cupboards, basically any household item with a hinge. Light with automatically turn on when door is opened and off when closed.

It's lightweight, compact and easy to install.

  • Automatic Sensor

Built-on motion sensor to detect movements of the hinge, automatically turn on when door is opened and off when closed.

  • LED Light

Chose between warm or cold light depending on your needs.

  • Compact

Compact and lightweight, will not take up excessive space or weight in your furniture.

  • Durable

Made of  high grade ABS material, sturdy, durable and abrasion resistant.

  • Low Energy Consumption

Operated by 12A-23V-battery, a full battery can last up to 50000 hours.

How to install


Power Source: 12A-23V-Battery
Size: 3.85*2.02*4.85mm
Lighting Technology: LED
Installation Area: Indoor
Light Colour: Cold or Warm White

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