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Touchless Smart Faucet Head - Autumn Sale 40% OFF

Touchless Smart Faucet Head - Autumn Sale 40% OFF

Touchless Smart Faucet Head - Autumn Sale 40% OFF

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Touchless Smart Faucet Head

 Less Touching, Less Bacteria

 0.1 Response Time

 Water Saver

 3 Different Modes

 USB Rechargeable

 Battery Lasts 8 Months

Say goodbye to those ugly water stains on your water and sink!

Simply place your hand close the the faucet head and it automatically turns ON or OFF.


Thanks to it's latest technology, you can save up to 30% of water.

Turning ON or OFF only takes 0.1 seconds!

The battery is made to last around 8 months.

Recharging it is easy as charing your phone, just plug the USB cable in it.

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