The Classic Watch

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Finally An Elegant Smartwatch!

  More than 10 different functions - Step counter, Calories burned, heart rate monitor, and much more...

 Wide compatibility - Wether you're using an iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, or any other device, connect it effortlessly to the Classic Watch

 1.22 HD screen and 100% Waterproof  - wide colourful screen, IP67 waterproof materials

 Long lasting battery - lasts in average 10 days in stand by 

 Our guarantee - buy with trust, every watch comes with a 1 year full warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee

The ClassicWatch

Smartwatches are great!

But rubber bracelets aren't suited for a classic dress, or a chic outfit!

Combine elegance and pure design with all the possibilities this smartwatch has to offer! 

Follow up with your Facebook, Whatsapp, Text, Agenda and more on your Smartwatch!

This is a limited time Spring sale! 

Get your Classic Watch today for 60% OFF!

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      Packaging Contains:
      1. Gift box
      2. Smart watch
      3. Instruction manual
      4. One charger 

       Shipping time: 7 - 15 days

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